About Živo Naturals

Živo (ZHEE-voh) is a Croatian word meaning alive or lively. Inspired by the grounded lifestyle of that seaside country where ordinary people can find folk remedies growing right out their back doors, we source simple, natural ingredients to create body care products that will help you feel like your best self.

Feel great, live life.


The Živo Naturals Difference 

We believe that natural products can and should work even better than their synthetic equivalents; nature has been designed to provide what the body needs, and you shouldn’t have to compromise effectiveness in order to simply live a healthy life.

We use only high-quality, all-natural ingredients that perform up to our own exacting standards. This means trying not to put anything on our bodies that we wouldn’t want in our bodies (the skin is a huge organ, after all), choosing ingredients that are less likely to trigger sensitivities, and testing and redesigning every recipe until it works exactly the way we want it to.

We make all our products by hand in small batches. You may see a little variation from item to item—this is your guarantee that we are personally handling each product. For instance, our hand-whipped butters will vary in consistency depending on what season they are made in and how long they are whipped. Every ingredient we use has a purpose, and you will never find artificial fillers, fragrances, stabilizers, or preservatives in our products. 

When you buy a Živo Naturals product, you can be sure that it is both pure and simple.

Pure. Simple. Živo.

Our Founder, Megan, is a beach girl who has explored and lived in some of the world’s most beautiful places. Raised under the California sun, she learned early on that there was nothing more restorative than a touch from nature—warm sand between the toes, salty ocean air, the wild aromatherapy of pine forests and sagebrush, the calming whisper of a desert breeze… 

A health nut and obsessive ingredient reader, she started making body care products for herself when she realized most “natural” products still had a lot of junk in them, and the truly natural ones often didn’t work so well. After about a decade of designing, testing, and tweaking recipes for personal use or for family and friends, she realized she had a pretty darn solid product line that was ready to be released into the wild. 

Megan runs the business out of her kitchen in Nashville, TN, to support her real job—making music.

Megan Richardson | Founder, Zivo Naturals