Zap! Hand Sanitizer

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With 80% alcohol and germ-busting essential oils.

Refill size now available!

In our day and age, cleanliness has taken on new proportions. Fortunately you don't have to compromise your natural lifestyle just to keep your hands clean. Our Zap! Hand Sanitizer is made with pure grain alcohol, high-quality essential oils known for their natural antimicrobial properties, and a touch of soy-free vegetable glycerin to keep your hands from drying out. Coming in at a whopping 80% alcohol by volume, this sanitizer is built to stand up to the meanest germs. And need we mention it smells amazing?

The 2-oz Spray Bottle is purse- and TSA-friendly. Keep one in your car, one at the office, and one at home.

The 8-oz Refill Bottle comes with a disc cap for easy pouring, so you can keep and reuse your spray bottles.

When in doubt, Zap it!

Handmade in small batches. Tested on humans. Reusable bottle.

Ingredients: Grain alcohol, filtered water, non-GMO soy-free vegetable glycerin, essential oils (pine needle, lavender, clove, eucalyptus).

No artificial fragrances.

For external use only.

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