How to Get the Most Out of Your Butter

We pride ourselves on making luxurious butters for face, body, and beard, and we want you to get the most life and enjoyment out of your product.

Ultrasoft All-Over Body Butter

For ease of use, we recommend taking only a small amount of butter and melting it completely between your hands, then gently massaging it in where needed. Our butters will soak in beautifully, especially when your skin or hair is still damp. We prefer only minimal towel drying after showers, leaving some water droplets to mix the melted butter into. All-day luxury, no grease!

Please be aware our butters are 100% natural and hand-whipped at just the right temperature—they will melt when temperatures start to get warm! Keep them in a cool, dry place to maintain their solid, creamy consistency. And of course, reach out if you have any questions!

Sierra All-Natural Great-Smelling Beard Butter